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SciVision Biotech inc.

SciVision aims to be the top medical aesthetic group in Asia with a new corporate structure. This means thriving in cosmeceutical, energy-based device and aesthetic implant segments in order to realign itself with the market. SciVision was established in 2001 in Taiwan. It is the first qualified hyaluronic acid (HA)—a product for skin and other health treatment—manufacturer in Taiwan. By 2010, SciVision had the leading market share of HA visco-supplementation in Taiwan. SciVision has been listed on the TWSE since 2013. In 2016, it teamed up with Galderma-Nestle to distribute skin products in China. Since 2017, it has been primarily focused on the anti-aging industry. There are significant growth opportunities among new and existing HA products. The increasing number of people suffering from OA disorders and people undergoing abdominal surgeries and other surgical procedures means higher demand for anti-aging and HA products. By 2022, the market for HA products is projected to grow to $13.4 billion with an 8% CAGR. HA-based dermal filler is expected to grow the fastest at a 12% CAGR and have a $2.8 billion market size by 2021. The global anti-aging market is set for rapid growth and will reach around $1 trillion in 2025. Finally, SciVision will also have a meaningful impact on the global medical aesthetics devices market which will reach $9.6 billion by 2021.
Industry: Other


Hisun is in the process of developing Tvermectin, a drug used in novel therapies against infections caused by parasites and malaria. This drug is in direct response to the 2015 Nobel Prize winning discovery in medicine regarding avermectin and ivermectin’s therapeutic potential. The project has a total budget of 60 million RMB. (budget on slide 9 is for tvervectin or company?)
Industry: Medicine

Kinhoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.-Cephalosporin and other dosage pharmaceutical manufacturing

Kinhoo was founded in 2005 and broke even in 2009. It has been listed on the NEEQ exchange since 2014. Kinhoo was originally an international trading and distribution company importing and distributing Olbetam—a Pfizer medication. It has 4 factories and over 700 employees including 400 salesmen. Kinhoo is comprised of a research lab that specializes in cephalosporin which facilitates oral disintegrating methods and fruit flavoring in medicine. The lab has received very strong approval from the CFDA and is funded by 10% of annual company profits. The company also has equally strong marketing and sales departments. The company’s marketing department is an academic conference member recognized by the government and its sales department has an office in every province in China. It has relationships with about 40% of chain drug stores across the country. 99% of its sales are paid in cash.
Industry: Medicine

China Meheco

China Meheco is a state-held company established in 1984. It is based in Beijing and listed on the Shanghai Stock exchange. It involves is involves in the entire industry chain of production including: R&D, cultivation, processing, manufacturing and distribution. Meheco has over 10,000 employees and is one of the most internationalized companies in China. The company is involved in four pillar industries, namely pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical commerce, international trade and natural botanical medicine. Meheco had $3 billion in 2015 and made a net profit of $104 million. Its growth rate exceeds 20% in the long term.
Industry: Other

Tarrex Biopharma

Tarrex Biopharma is a privately-owned drug development company based in San Diego, CA and with offices and labs in Xiamen, China. Tarrex is developing two oncology programs that target nuclear receptors. The first, TX803, is for patients with colorectal cancer. It is IND approved and has entered phase I of the development process. TX803 is a first-in-class NCE: a non-kinase small molecule that inhibits PI3K/AKT pathway through a novel mechanism using the truncated retinoid X receptor alpha (tRXRa). It has a distinct advantage over direct PI3K inhibitors as it has more selectivity at multiple levels which results in greater safety. [information taken from slide 4] This can treat colorectal cancer patients and possibly the KRAS mutant patient population that accounts for 50% of the CRC patient population—which is currently without any good treatments.
Industry: Biotechnology

Zhejiang Teruisi Pharmaceutical Inc (TRS)

Teruisi is building China’s first large scale cGMP manufacturing facility to meet international standards (FDA, EMA, ICH) with a capacity of 5000L per year. It anticipates full completion and operation by the 1st quarter of 2017. This new production capacity will help Teruisi create a platform for international collaboration. The company’s goal is to focus on the development of monoclonal antibody pharmaceuticals using its cGMP manufacture production capacity. Specifically, this involves the manufacture of affordable biosimilars, biobetters and innovative antibodies for the global market. TRS is actively looking for international partners to use the cGMP facility for CMO or product co-development. It seeks to provide clinical development services (CRO) and GMP production (CMO) in the pharmaceutical industry. It is developing immune-oncology mAbs including bi-specific antibody for cancer diseases, and is also looking for innovation co-development partnership. Teruisi has already been successful in obtaining CRO/CMO contracts for international and domestic customers including a San Francisco based company and clinical material production contracts for 3 Chinese companies. Finally, Teruisi has formed collaboration partners with international research oriented companies and Universities to find new areas for product development.
Industry: Other